Khan Altay 2020.
International art & life festival.
Solar Eclipse Togathering
20-26 июня

On the day of the summer solstice, an astronomical paranormal phenomenon - the solar eclipse - will occur. The Sun, the Moon, and the Earth will align on the same axis, and the path will open between the worlds.

According to a legend, in Altai there is a ladder from the underworld to the world of humans, and from there - to the high, heavenly world. The ladder is the axis connecting the three worlds.

On the river banks where white Akkem flows into turquoise Katun, where stones of ancient ridges split the sky, where Altai watches through time the dance of laughing mountains, there will sound our songs, resonating with the pulse of the earth.

Between the two great rivers, the Dragon — the Seer — is sleeping. His blue shadow is dreaming deep underground, and his Fiery Spirit is soaring in the sky — the two parts of the dragon are to wake up at once. The dragon will wake up at the time of a solar eclipse.

Following the awakened dragon, we will take on a journey to the roots, to the feeling of life, where the protoculture sprouts through neotradition, where modern creators are inspired by the depth of ritual actions.

The thrill of our hearts calls the loving world!
Let's sing together for the heaven!

Festival place

Fly over Altai


August 2008, the Space of Joy community undertook the longest trip in their history.

It was the Khan Altay festival, dedicated to the total solar eclipse. The festival brought together thousands of people from many parts of the world, and became a landmark event in their lives.

And now, 12 years later, we are returning to Altay!
To the same region where we had convened the last time.
It's again the eclipse and again Altai!



At the moment, we are planning three main musical scenes, and are actively forming the composition of the participants. Information will be updated gradually, watch, write, suggest ...

The festival will also create: a children's space - with a stage and a stage, a health resort - for practicing body and spirit, a performance zone - for creativity and expression, a fair of masters, and a gallery of artists. Being in balance of sliding on the waves of musical currents, we find support in the body, which allows us to cultivate a new, conscious view of the World.



We invite all consonant creatures to the joint creation of the festival.

We are building an open project and are interested in interacting with active organized projects.

Do you want to collaborate with the festival and you have your own ideas?




Holiday we do together!
Dear friends! To build a festival, support is required for ALL participants in the form of registration fee.

We do not have sponsors and patrons, we do not place, for fundamental reasons, advertisements on the site and at the festival. The event is built solely on your own and our own funds. Therefore, the financial participation of everyone is important for creating an event as we all want to see it. By making the registration fee you accept the rules of the festival and enjoy the following rights:
Attendance at all concerts and music programs, free use of the entire infrastructure of the festival - showers, toilets, campsites, a playground and a fair. The health resort will organize healing practices, creative workshops and lectures on bodily development. Everything is available to you. For your safety, a medical service and festival security will be organized on site.

Ticket "Early Bird" — 110$
Cost until January 25, 2020.
From January 26, the cost - 140$*
Payment methods:

ATTENTION! After the translation, be sure to write your first and last name to After payment verification, one of organizer will contact you.
All foreign guests will be personal assisted with a visa and finding the best airline tickets.